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Frontier Airlines has just announced a new, ultra low-fare flight that will start in May, with, get this, Premium extra-legroom stretch seating.  What magical place does this flight go to?  That’s right, for only $19, you can book a flight to…  Salt Lake City!  Which I’m sure is nice…  although I’m less sure after finding you can fly there for $19, y’know?

Speaking of PDX, we were all set to unveil a major portion of the airport in May, but there’s been a couple safely issues happen during construction; a couple close calls if you will.  So they’re gonna slow down a bit.  No word on the new opening date, but you’ll be able to see that new roof soon.  And then fly off to Salt Lake City!

And finally, as predicted, Oregonians still want to do away with the Daylight Saving Time switch, and we were all set to do it without Washington & California, but that would cause anybody crossing the Columbia to deal with that time switch, so we re-worked it, and now, if it passes, we’ll only do it the other two states do it too.  All that… for that.

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