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They’ve been talking about building a new venue on the Eastside Waterfront, but it’s LiveNation that wants to build it, and the feds are coming in and saying maybe LiveNation is getting too big, so they’re raising anti-trust concerns.  They’ll probably win; I don’t think it’ll be a big sell to convince people that the company that owns Ticketmaster is up to something.

Governor yesterday signed the bill that makes drugs illegal again in Oregon.  It was an experiment in the first place, see if we can handle the issue better if we’re not just locking people up, turns out it didn’t work, so we’ll start that back up in September.  And that’ll be it, right?  We made it illegal, so…  we’ll see.

And finally, I do love a good whale story.  You’ll remember a couple years back when we were seeing, like, a dead grey whale per day along the Pacific coast?  Something made the water warm up in Alaska, and it messed up their food.  Well, the numbers have rebounded, almost back to before that.  I guess the whales are just ordering DoorDash now, and we’re good.

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