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As of today, the state legislature is back in session, and they’ve made it clear what they want to work on…  housing.  More houses.  Single-family, detached, affordable houses.  Which means we have to spread out to do that, and environmentalists don’t want that.  Plus, there are representatives who are now barred from running for re-election, so don’t hold your breath.

You’ve probably heard of this in the past…  you can see if you have unclaimed property from the state?  It felt kind of scammy, and not believable, but this year, the state is not requiring you to ask for it.  If you have unclaimed money from a former employer or an insurance payout, the state is just gonna send you a check.  Must be an election year.

And finally, props to Cain Elizondo, Jr. from Vancouver who is the reigning regional boxing champion.  Dude trains 4-5 hours a day, and he does that 5 or more times a week, and it’s paid off…  he’s going to Nationals, with the ultimate goal to be in the Olympics.  Time to figure out who’s gonna play him in the biopic!  Priorities!

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