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Expect to see a lot of traffic cones around Portland for the next 12 days as PBOT kicks off what they’re calling March Madness, a 2-week flurry of pothole repair.  They’re pulling crews off other projects to just fix potholes, mostly on the east side of 82nd.  And just remember, if they don’t get to your favorite one, it’s because they don’t love you as much.

On the West Side, a much longer project kicks off today, the Hall Blvd. overpass is closed as of a couple hours ago, and will remain closed until Christmas.  This is a pretty heavily-used route, and there’s not a ton of great detours, so expect anything anywhere near there to be messed up all summer.  Traffic on 217, say it ain’t so.

And finally, we got a local man in space today.  Dr. Michael Barratt from Camas, WA took off last night, and is piloting the SpaceX ship that is headed to the International Space Station, where he’ll be there for 6 months, and this is not even his first trip.  This is his third time going to the Space Station.  Washington’s own…  Camastronaut!

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