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If it goes above 70° today, that’ll be 5 days in a row, and that hasn’t happened since 1978.  Yesterday, it was 77° in Portland, and that has never happened on March 18th, ever.  No matter how you slice it, Mother Nature seems to be doing us a favor…  and you gotta wonder if she’s baiting us.  She does that here; what’s coming next week?=

I gotta give love to Alaska Airlines; they’re having a crap month.  The national focus is on United & Boeing, but get this…  the door that flew off the plane was Alaska, the cargo door was Alaska, the fumes was Alaska, and yesterday, the windshield cracked on an Alaska plane, and all 4 of those incidents landed here at PDX.  That’s   bummer luck.

And finally, if you want to become a lawyer in the PNW, you might already be there.  In Washington, they’ll let you do an apprenticeship and then turn in a portfolio of work to become one, and in Oregon, the same system is coming in May.  Don’t take the test, just be a lawyer for a while first.  It’s the same way I became a baseball coach; “eh, you played; you’re fine.”

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