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Ridgefield is freaking out that they’re getting a Costco and an In-N-Out, and now that they’re thinking about it…  they’re freaking out.  Some residents are worried that the roads are not going to be able to handle that kind of traffic, even if they double the road, like they’re going to do this summer.  Gah, we love to complain, don’t we?  It’s the best.

Speaking of complaining, it’s start to settle in how much exactly our power bills are going up from PGE, and people are organizing.  A 40% rise in the last two years is what we’re looking at, which is too much for thousands of people, and now, there are petitions headed to Salem to try and stop it.  If we think a petition is gonna work, can we add to that?

And finally, dinosaurs are back at OMSI!  Specifically the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the new exhibit includes life-size skeletons of the T-Rex as well as actual fossil bones from actual friggin’ dinosaurs.  I don’t know about you, but all my favorite memories of OMSI as a kid were when the dinos were there; let’s make it permanent.  Can we petition for that?  I’d sign that.

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