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In Oregon, you’re allowed to fix your thing; it’s the law.  Oregon has just become a Right To Repair state, which is aimed at reducing waste by allowing us to fix our broken things, like cell phones, instead of buying new ones.  Now, let’s be honest, none of us are gonna be cracking open our iPhones, but with this law, you can hire nerds to do it.

A 15-pound bag of weed was found by the side of the road near Cornelius this week during a roadside clean-up.  Here’s what luck the person who lost it had.  First, they somehow lose a garbage bag of product, and then it was found by the cops.  Sucks.  Police have turned the bag in “for destruction.”  Sure you did.

Finally, we now think that the two communities of Killer Whales that live off our coast may be different species.  Thank you, science, for solving this burning question!  These two groups live in basically the same area, see each other all the time, but they don’t mix.  It’s like having teenagers in the house.  They do their thing; you do yours.  Different species.

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