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In order to save the salmon, a huge agreement between the Six Sovereign tribes around here and the White House was signed over the weekend, and it probably means…  we’ll be breaching some dams.  It’s gonna take 10-years to replace the electricity we get from those dams, but we’re gonna try.  You’re not supposed to pick your favorite kid, but we’ve picked our favorite fish.

I admit I was talking a big game, saying that the Daylight Saving bill in the legislature was probably finally gonna pass this year, but it already didn’t.  Some state senators got hung up on the idea that if we do this, anybody commuting from Vancouver would be changing their clocks twice a day, so we’ll probably still wait for WA & CA.

And finally, we got a name for the new baby rhino at our Zoo.  His name is Tamu, and he is an Eastern Black Rhino, one of only maybe 1,000 left in the world, so he’s pretty precious.  And also, he’s pretty precious.  You can go try and see him; but you might wanna wait, he & Momma are still mostly backstage.

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