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A big, hearty good luck to Skyview High School in Vancouver, whose robotics team, the StormBots, are headed to Texas to compete in the FIRST Championships in Houston later this week.  Their robot, Connie, has to pick up these orange rings and lift them up in competition with other bots doing the same thing.  Just… don’t make it look like Schwarzenegger.

Congratulations to two Oregon towns that have been named to the “Must-Visit” small town movie list put out by HGTV.  St. Helens is on the list, because parts of Twilight were filmed there, and also the Disney Channel’s Halloweentown, and Brownsville, OR is on the list, as Stand By Me was filmed there; not Castle Rock, Oregon, because that doesn’t exist.

And finally, it’s Food Cart week in Portland this week, and this year’s passport has been revealed, which you can download at  It’s just a way to highlight our many pods filled with many different kinds of foods, and we’re especially lucky that the weather is perfect food cart weather this week.  I’m feeling a cheesesteak.

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