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Seems like every day you hear about unions striking, and coming later this week is a big one.  If the Portland Association of Teachers can’t get class sizes reduced and pay increased, they are gonna be voting on whether to strike in a few days, and then striking later this month if they do.  44,000 students in that district.

A brand-new MAX train was unveiled yesterday; it’s a little cleaner, it’s a little neater, it’s a little warmer, the signs are more advanced, the LED lighting is a bit more slick-looking, but the biggest change I saw?  Better cameras.  If something goes down, at least the footage won’t be worthless like usual.

And finally, continuing the trend of robot domination in the NW PCC will be hosting an Artificial Intelligence Symposium at PCC.  They’ll be discussing the technology’s effect on education, industry, and everyday life.  I don’t know what we’re worried about; we have CAPTCHA.  Robots can’t get past that; we’re fretting about nothing.

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