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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttiegieg was here in town and he was visiting one thing…  the Interstate Bridge.  As we all know, a big earthquake is gonna devastate a lot of bridges in the area, but we can get federal money to update that one, so the governors are trying.  Get ready for the traffic snarl of a lifetime when we do that.

Another whale has washed up on the Oregon Coast, this time near Astoria.  It’s a fin whale, which is the second-largest whale species after the blue whale, so dealing with it will be an issue.  They did a necropsy on it yesterday to see what happened, and then…  who knows.  They probably won’t explode it though; I think we learned that lesson.

And finally, it’s gonna be a big year for theater-goers in Portland, basically the biggest shows in Broadway are all coming here.  Lion King just wrapped up, Peter Pan is coming, as well as basically the big three…  Wicked, The Book of Mormon, and Hamilton are all gonna be stopping by the Keller.  I gotta break out my GOOD Crocs!

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