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Those tornado warnings were pretty intense yesterday!  It’s one thing when the Emergency Alert system says “warning,” but another when it actually says, “take cover.”  Three locations it happened in, E. Clark Co., along the Columbia, and down near Happy Valley.  Nobody went to Oz though.  That we know of.

The Willamette River is all green again, but this isn’t the bad stuff; it’s not toxic or algae.  This is just aquatic plants that look like scum, probably dislodged by all the recent rains.  So to be clear, you can swim in the Willamette right now, but we all know you’re not going to.

And finally, congrats to PDX for being ranked the 8th best hotel in America.  It’s the food offerings that earned it this spot (it’s always the food), but they’re also giving props because of how accessible it is by road and by train.  I mean, not this week; this week it sucks, but usually great.

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