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Yesterday morning, a train got very sleepy going over the Steel Bridge and leaned over for a little nappy poo.  The derailment shut down all traffic going over the bridge for several hours, but was opened back up to pedestrian & car traffic yesterday afternoon.  This footage must have been taken right after the crash, because, look, one car doesn’t haven’t any graffiti on it yet. 

Bird–watchers got hyped this weekend over spotting this little guy out on the Oregon Coast just south of Cannon Beach.  That is a blue rock thrush, and not only that, but that is the only blue rock thrush to have ever been seen in America.  How it got here, we don’t know, but since it is a rare species in Oregon, we can be sure it’s probably already been eaten by a sea lion.

And finally, this big story yesterday was the identity of the dude who won the $1.3B jackpot in Portland.  His name is Charlie Saephan, born in Laos, moved to America in ‘94, and has been fighting cancer for eight years.  Like had chemotherapy last week.  What?!?  Somebody who deserves it…  actually won it?  I don’t even understand these feelings I’m having!

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