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Starting off with happy news for commuters on the East Side, they’ve been going back and forth about putting tolls on the George Abernethy bridge in Oregon City.  ODOT says they gotta, residents hate the idea, and yesterday, the Governor said it’s a no-go until 2026.  I am shocked; I think this was happening no matter what “the people want.”

That’s on hold, but the Self-Service Gas Bill is still moving through.  It’s a third the way through; they had a public hearing on it last night; pretty well everybody is wanting this, one dude said no, but everybody else is for this.  You may soon have the option to pump your own gas.  Best of both worlds.

And finally, this is freaking, lancetfish are washing up on Oregon beaches.  This is what a lancetfish looks like.  I don’t wanna come across that.  I don’t wanna see it in the water, I don’t wanna see it on the beach, I don’t even want it behind me on this video.  And worse even, nobody knows why this is happening.

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