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Kinda fun story…  there’s a video rental store called Movie Madness in SE that has purchased a costume from the movie Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.  It’s this one, that was worn by Michelle Yeoh in the movie, and they’ll have it on display at their store on Belmont.

Heads up; there’s some moldy weed running around.  Approximately 75 retailers accidentally sold marijuana that had mold and also heavy metals in it, and it’s possible it’s been on shelves since on January.  How to tell if the weed you bought had any on it?  I dunno.  Looks the same to me.]

And finally, if you’re familiar with the G League of the NBA, it’s a developmental league.  Think of it as the minor leagues for basketball.  Like the Hillsboro Hops is for Arizona.   It’s where we got the new guy, Scoot Henderson.  Portland has a team now, and it’ll be called the Rip City Remix.  Start expecting to see merch floating around.

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