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Jenn’s three words that are setting the tone for 2021

Just days away from 2021… It doesn’t seem possible, honestly.

2020 was a long year and a short year all at the same time. Huge things happened and that doesn’t even include Covid! I found out I was pregnant in January, moved into a new house in February, went on vacation to Maui in March, switched up my work situation in April, did I mention I was pregnant lol, my son turned 2 in May, spent a lot of time over in Bend over the Summer, had a baby in September and went on maternity leave, the holidays and BAM! here we are! NOW add Covid, regulations, work from home (both my husband and I), and everything that came with that on top of it all.

And oh yah, wild fires.


I need a nap just reliving it all. In all seriousness, I am just feeling so thankful and blessed that our family has stayed safe, healthy and has been mostly unaffected in major ways by all that has gone on. It is honestly a miracle. But looking back on the year, along with many counseling sessions with my mentor as I call her (she’s really just a therapist turned friend), I’ve started to think about what I want 2021 to look like. I had so many hopes and dreams for 2020 but I kinda threw all those out and just survived like most everyone else was trying to do.

I like to pick words that I believe will set the tone and shape the year. Each one talked about and picked with purpose. Each one representing the way life should be lived and should my family start to stray all we have to do it mention the words and we can get back on track. So, after much thought here they are:




Each one of these words has to do with time. As I looked at my time spent the last year, as well as years past, I was unhappy with the way time was being spent. Days, weeks and months just seem to go by and most of them just mundane days filled with the same thing. Money being spent on nothing of importance and not a lot of real memories. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course a Hawaiian vacation and a lot of time spent over the mountains are major memories but I’m talking about time outside of that. Everyday life and how we live the time that is in-between the big stuff.

I want a pace of life that doesn’t get ahead of me and that doesn’t lag. Not too many things on the schedule where I feel out of balance but also not enough things that I don’t have things to look forward to. Paced.

I want a planned life so that I’m not feeling rushed. Making memories is so much easier when you have a plan and you’ve got everything you need. With two young kids it is hard to just up and go! There’s just too many factors – bottles, milk, diapers, changes of clothes, the potty and well if you’re a parent, you know the list goes on lol. Getting things on the calendar with details ensures a good planned out adventure where memories can be made. Planned.

I want to spend my time intentionally. I want to make purchases intentionally. Every moment we spend has a cause and effect. I work and my husband works and that gives us X amount of dollars. We’ve got X amount of time to spend with each other, our kids, family and friends. We don’t want to waste our money on stuff or waste our time consuming media or junk info. That’s not intentional – it’s consumerism and materialism. I don’t want my time or money decided for me. I want to intentionally spend time and money how it benefits my family, the planet and my overall well being. I don’t have infinite time or resources so I’ve got to be more intentional with how I use both. Intentional.

I think these three words will also help me focus on the present and remember to not get overwhelmed with everything else going on around me and in the world. It can be easy to spin out of control. Been there, done that (or still currently doing that)!

What words could you pick to help set the tone of 2021? Think about it. Reflect. Talk with your family. The discussion will be rich and I promise what comes out the other end will be an energy and attitude you haven’t experience but have been longing to find!



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