Keep Your Animals Safe from Game Day Snacks

Sunday is Game Day in Las Vegas and whether you’re going to a party or throwing your own, it’s a good reminder to let your family and guests know, please do not feed the ANIMALS, meaning your Furbabies.

There are quite a few dangerous foods that could  drop and get kicked around and could cause some serious issues and harm and maybe a trip to the emergency vet hospital around 2:00 am

Veterinarian Alysper Cormanes with has shared the do’s and don’ts of these popular foods:

   1   Ribs, Steak, and Meat are safe and hearty snacks for dogs provided that they are given without the bone or a bunch of Fat

  1. Chicken wings: Chicken wings are only safe provided that you strip it from any sauces. Some of those spices may be harmful, and NEVER give your dogs the chicken bones.

   3. Burgers / Sliders:  Strip your burger of all the condiments. Remember that they can’t have as much salt as humans do so don’t overfeed them

   4. Hot Dogs:  They are high in fat, calories, and salt. too many can lead to pancreatitis because they will have a harder time digesting the fatty contents. Dogs that are obese or have dietary restrictions should skip this snack entirely.

   5 . Nachos /Guacamole: A plain tortilla chip is generally safe to be given to your dogs, but only as an occasional very small snack. Flavored nachos are bad for your dogs as they usually contain harmful herbs and spices and a lot of salt. Especially avoid the nacho cheese dip,  Avocado contains a substance called persin which is toxic to dogs in large amounts.

   6. Anything with Onions or Garlic Powder, Chili Powder in Chili is a bad choice it almost always contains herbs that are toxic and  Contains a chemical called capsaicin, which will cause irritation and a burning sensation for your dogs and they will eventually have stomach problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gas.

     7. Green Grapes, Red Grapes are a HUGE No, They usually don’t like the texture. When dogs eat grapes of any kind and in any form, they are at risk of kidney (renal) failure. All types of grapes, whether cooked, seedless, peeled, dried, or fresh, are toxic to dogs, even in small amounts.

    8.  Cookies are bad for dogs,  Chocolate can cause theobromine toxicity which leads to stomach upset in the form of profuse vomiting and/or diarrhea. Raisins have been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs. Nuts that are considered toxic for them include walnuts, macadamias, and pistachios.   Peanut Butter in small doses is OK

These are just a few items I happened to know about and came across and wanted to share with you to keep your Furbabies Safe on Game Day, Have a great  time with family and friends,





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