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Kill ’em with kindness, y’all

We are a month and a half into 2021 and I’m already having to remind myself to kill ’em with kindness.

Do you have to remind yourself of this daily?

I do.

I was hoping all the bad juju was going to stay in 2020 – but naw.

I think naturally we let people bully us, we let people walk on us and we let people have power over our thoughts and reactions. No one wants that yet somehow we let it. And while I’m all for justice (and in some cases it has to happen that way) but for the most part when it comes to interacting with people we can only kill ’em with kindness.

Whether it is on social media, friends, family, coworkers or just anyone who you can’t seem to please or get across to – KILL EM WITH KINDNESS! You have control over your thoughts, feelings and reactions. You can’t let other people dictate how you roll so when you’re given the choice to act the same way someone acts towards you – don’t. Shut it down by just being kind. Spread that kindness around like wildflower seeds or buttercream frosting. Of course for your own virtue but you wanna know what irks someone who has a cynical attitude… An overly nice person who doesn’t let them have the power.

So, friend. Grab that cup of coffee, take a deep breath, maybe say a little prayer to Jesus and then – be kind 🙂



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