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Not Sure What To Get Someone For Christmas? Give a Goat Or a Duck

Is it just me or are you sitting and twiddling your thumbs this time of year when trying to figure out what to get people for Christmas?

The problem in our family is 1) everyone already has everything they want and need and 2) if there is something they want, they go get it so then I’m back to problem #1! Is this just my family?! If you have this problem in your family too can I suggest the gift of a goat, duck, chicken, cow or ALL of them? I know you’re going ‘What?!’ but just hear me out.

There are thousands of kids and families around the world that need help surviving and thriving and you can help do that by giving their family the gift of a food source! And I don’t mean give them a goat or duck to kill… I mean buy them a goat for the milk and the duck for the eggs! Have you heard of World Vision? Click HERE to check out all the gifts I’m talking about! There’s animals, clothing, education supplies and MORE that you could give in someone’s name OR you could purchase handcrafted gifts for your family and the money donated goes to fair trade artisans around the world to support their families and female entrepreneurs!

Here are a few of my favs!


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