Wanna Getaway,  are you planning a big trip somewhere fun in 2019? This year my wife Kimmy and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and we are headed to the Bahamas to celebrate.   I also just read that Frontier Airlines just announced that their flight attendants are now allowed to accept tips.  The tips are optional, but you’ll be able to add one in when you order a drink or a snack.

My question is SHOULD you tip the flight attendants?  I have a few friends that are flight attendants on various airlines and they are awesome like Carrie pictured here with me, who works for Alaska Air and I would totally tip her she took great care of us on a recent flight from Santa Ana to PDX.

The flight attendants union actually says they’re against the policy . . . they say instead, the airlines should pay higher salaries so tips aren’t necessary.  Right now the average flight attendant salary is $50,500-a-year.

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