SALEM, Ore. — At the Salem Convention Center, Mayor Chris Hoy started his state of the city address with a long list of accomplishments. “Our local economy is robust and is gaining momentum. Our new commercial passenger air service is a success. Avelo is seeing a high enough passenger volume that they are making a profit and expanding. We’re also building new large scale housing developments in all corners of Salem. And we’re seeing industrial development and job growth at the Mill Creek Corporate Center and the Salem Business Campus. ”

But he also pushed for more help from the state. “We don’t have enough firefighters to handle the astronomic increase in 911 calls since COVID. We don’t have enough police officers to adequately address the rise in violent crimes. Property taxes help local government pay for public safety. 30 years ago, measures 5 and 50 combined to severely limit property tax revenue.”

Hoy says the number one issue voters tell the city they want to see progress on is homelessness. “We created the Salem outreach and services team to go into unmanaged camps to connect unsheltered residents with the services they need to get off the streets. We also started a pilot program to help people living in their vehicles repair them so they wouldn’t be towed. And we started a safe park program so individuals living in their vehicles can do so safely and legally.”

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