Do you ever feel like you close your eyes and then 2 years goes flying by, I swear we all seem to run a 1000MPH in different directions and wouldn’t it be great if we had all the time in the world to connect with our kids.  We know this time while they’re little is flying by, and one day we’ll look back and wish we’d gotten down on the floor to play with the trains more, had read to them more or had lingered longer over their endless questions. But the thing is, there’s still dinner to make, baths to dole out, and work and errands and laundry and everything else.

A recent survey said that some parents were asked when can I find time to connect with my child when life is so busy?  So I went on a mission to find some ideas, and I gave myself a limit of five minutes per connection. We might not have a half-hour, but we probably do have five minutes to connect—and we might even be able to incorporate that connection into the routines we already have in place.

Have a meeting

Every night before bedtime hosts a family meeting.  Invest in the hang time and say prayers together and be grateful for the day’s business Jump in, jump out. You might not be able to sit down for 45 minutes for some elaborate one-on-one playtime with your kids. But it doesn’t always have to be a big commitment. Look for the little moments to capitalize on an that goes a long way  I jump into Tanners room sometimes in the middle of whatever he’s doing for 5 minutes, knowing that I’m short on time, “Be it playing XBOX  Fornite, watching TV, Sometimes, 5 minutes is enough for us to stay connected.

Sneak them a note

Who doesn’t love to find a note from someone they love tucked inside a lunch bag, a suitcase or a backpack? It only takes a minute to do and it creates a moment of connection between you and your child when you’re not even together. Kimmy loves this she’ll slip little Notes in random places for both of the kids

Create a secret handshake

This is something I have done before with my daughter it’s like a dance that we share. You can create a special handshake with your kid. This is great with an only child, but it’s extra great with more than one child because each handshake will be unique and something you came up with together.

Sing To Them

If you have little ones Sing to them while brushing in the morning, singing to each child is fun and gets them into music sing ‘You are My Sunshine,’ and itsy bitsy spider or whatever your favorite childhood song might be.

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