if you’re like me you love being outdoors in the Sunshine soaking up some Vitamin D and playing all day with your shorts and flips flops on, Take it from me, You need to wear your sunscreen as a two-time chemo user it hurts! it’s painful and scary, and just recently I had a  1″inch by a 3inch chunk of flesh surgically removed from my back all because when I was younger I never wore sunscreen. In a recent survey 1 in of 5 Americans never wear sunscreen  THATS BAD

It turns out that the average American will experience 104 ‘summer fails’ in just one month during the summer season. A recent study says how frequently people experience things like sunburn, forgetting their sunglasses, wearing tight, dark-colored clothing in the heat, using a tanning bed too much and not wearing a hat outside in the sun.

The poll of 2,000 Americans also uncovered the average respondent said they deal with 15 episodes of heat-related fatigue and up to 12 bouts of sunburn or damaged skin over the course of a whole summer.

Summer is a time for all things sunshine and outdoors. In fact, the top five things Americans associate with summer are the beach, outdoor activities, swimming, sunglasses & sunshine,

During the days of summer fun, men were more likely than women to fall to vanity and forgo items that would protect them from sun damage out of worry it wasn’t stylish enough.

In fact, when it comes to protecting the irreplaceable “windows to the soul” (your eyes), 42 percent of Americans leave them open to sun exposure simply because they don’t want tan lines from sunglasses.

“Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from exposure to the sun’s rays, too. Investing in a premium pair of polarized sunglasses can eliminate harmful UV radiation and provide protection against a number of additional stresses, helping your eyes stay healthy so you can keep taking in all the world’s beauty.”

Take it from me, lather up in sunscreen and protect that beautiful gift the good lord above gave ya

~ Danny


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