I love a good nap every now and then, Sunday afternoons on the couch,  or while everyone is out running errands.  It’s about time that naps were taken more seriously.

It’s no lie that in modern society, many of us are sleep deprived, so much so that power naps may actually be of benefit to us all.

A recent study founded by the National Sleep Foundation found that Napping could and may help boost our brains, improving problem-solving, verbal memory, perceptual learning, object learning, and statistical learning. This, in turn, will improve our reaction time, help with math, logical reasoning, treat fatigue and of course, improve our moods.

The benefits don’t end there – this aids to alleviate stress, assists in weight management, better heart health and lowers blood pressure.

there are 3  different style naps which one to you prefer

  • The 10-20 Minute Cat Nap  to help boost energy and alertness
  • The 60 Minute Nap, which helps improve facts, faces & names. (skills& Memory)
  • The 90 Minute Nap, Which gives you The Dream State to reset the brain, and has a dramatic effect on the problem-solving skills.

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