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There’s A New Way To Calculate Your Dog’s Age In Human Years . . . But It Sucks

Seven human years equals one doggy year, right? Maybe not…

Researchers at the University of California San Diego came up with a new equation.  Here’s the equation they came up with:  To figure out a lab’s age in human years, first you find their “natural logarithm” number, which tends to be somewhere between 0 and 3.  Then you multiply it by 16, and add 31.

Here’s an example: If your dog is 12 years old they are actually 71 in human years noot 84, which you would have gotten with the old “seven year” rule.  But they’re not always younger.  For example, a 7-year-old dog would be 62 instead of 49. There’s a few other flaws with the equation because the researchers only came up with the rule for one breed: Labradors.

At least there’s a closer way to find out their age!




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