If you love to fish and spend the day waiting for the big bite, then this is a no brainer. You’ll get paid $10 per fish to go fishing on the great Columbia and Snake rivers of the Pacific Northwest?

With a chance to land one tagged and worth $500 to $1,000 per fish?

A bounty program targeting fish that eat baby salmon and steelhead has extended its season until October 11, 2020.

“Catch Cash. Save Salmon” the website proclaims.

For 30 years the Bonneville Power Administration has funded the Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program, paying anglers to remove northern pikeminnow from the Columbia and Snake rivers and protecting endangered juvenile salmon and steelhead.

“Large northern pikeminnow is responsible for eating a majority of the young salmon and steelhead who fall victim to predators,” says Eric McOmie, a BPA program manager. “Reducing the number of large pikeminnows can really help young salmon survive.”

According to the program, The 11-day extension offsets the delay at the start of the season in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also appears the pandemic may have discouraged some anglers from participating in the sport-reward fishery, as the number of anglers is down 28% from this time last year. Currently, the 2020 harvest of northern pikeminnow is on track to be the lowest on record.

If this sounds good to you and you have the chance to get out , you might as well get paid for it

For more details on the season extension and reward increases, go to www.pikeminnow.org.

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