Want To Feel Normal Again, Try This To Stay On Your Normal Routine

In the last two weeks, everyone’s life has drastically changed, and it’s thrown a lot of us off. So to stay somewhat normal here is something you can do to get out of the house for an hour a day and still feel normal.

We’re all used to getting up making that cup of coffee for the drive to work and listening to our favorite stations, podcasts, a phone call with clients or co-workers about the morning meeting all while we make a morning commute.

So I did this the other day and found myself feeling normal, I jumped in the car and drove around Vancouver for 25 minutes in the morning reminding myself of all the things I have to get done today.  For me it was recording my show, Adding new music, about shooting a video, ok you get the point.

Then after my day at the home office was done,  I went for another 20-minute drive thinking what could I cook for dinner, what homework project am I going to work on tonight with my son and again you get the point.

So If you want to stick to your daily routine and feel normal give this a try, it worked for me and while your out driving around! Wave to a stranger, smile at them and let’s all make this a better place again so we can all get through this together.


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