We all know that on Groundhog’s Day, it’s traditional for a groundhog to predict the weather by emerging from its hovel and seeing its shadow or not.  But did you know that traditionally, it was a hedgehog that did that?  When they brought that tradition to America, hedgehogs weren’t native to that land, so they switched it to a groundhog.

The Oregon Zoo has long held a tradition of having its hedgehogs predict the coming of an early spring here in Portland.  But alas…  there has been no peep from the Oregon Zoo about this!

Which begs the question…  which animal will it be this year?!?

A giraffe is a terrible choice…  those things are nothing BUT shadow.  A hippo won’t reliably even come out of the water, so a shadow sighting is sketchy at best.  Perhaps an elephant?  But with their memory…  they might be influenced by prior climate trends, thus affecting the results.

Crap.  It’s gonna have to be a hedgehog again.  Do we still have those at the Oregon Zoo?

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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