Are you a morning person, Afternoon or Late Nighter?  Some say it depends on the day, I’m a little of all three really. I love Saturday mornings so I can get rollin and get my errands done and ready for the nighttime. Sunday’s I’m more of an afternoon type of guy, I like my sleep and after all, isn’t that what the 7th day was created for REST

So What is your happiest moment, A survey found 3:25 PM is when we’re the happiest.  And on average, we have eight happy moments on any given day, plus five low ones.  Obviously we’re happier when we’re NOT at work though.  Here are the ten happiest moments of the day overall . . .

1.  Waking up after a great night’s sleep. – CHECK

2.  Eating a great dinner.  – CHECK

3.  The moment you sit down in front of the TV at night. – Depends

4.  Your boss showing you some appreciation. CHECK

5.  Getting home after work. – CHECK

6.  Getting a compliment from someone. – CHECK

7.  Getting a hug from your child. – ABSOLUTELY

8.  Having a late-night snack. – CHECK

9.  The moment you take off your work clothes. – Sometimes

10.  The moment you put your Sweats on. – CHECK

Some of our worst moments of the day including being stuck in traffic, spilling food, and realizing you slept through your alarm.  – Been here before

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