We have all heard the stories to a happy marriage is never go to bed angry, start over every day and always tell your partner you love them no matter the circumstance. Well, sweet little Curtis and Virginia Peters owe the success of their 79-year marriage to one very simple daily ritual.

The Two share a Hersheys Chocolate Bar almost every day, “They love the Hershey bars and the way It melts in their mouths says Susan Peters Cathoir daughter of the two.  She tells TODAY Food that the brand was everywhere in the house growing up as a kid, from Kisses in candy bowls to bars in the kitchen. The family even took a road trip by bus to Hersheypark in the 1950s from their home in Iowa. While the elderly Peters now live in a nursing home, they still enjoy their special treat together.

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What special things do you do to keep the spark alive?


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