Over the years we have come to love reality TV, in fact, I even tried out for Big Brother a few years ago and thought hey I have a shot at this. Are you a fan of Reality TV Shows? If so do you remember Fear Factor and the stunts they had to do to survive and win $500,000 dollars?  They would hold giant snakes, eat bugs and so much more,  well for me no way I Couldn’t do it , and Now the fear factor is real and people are lovin it.  Over the past few weeks, we have heard the news of Cicdaes hatching in the Midwest to NE corridor if the is US.

and now there are a few candy shops making the sweet treat for you to EAT YUCK, a Candy Store in Maryland say they have been “inundated with orders.” and chefs and cooks are sharing their secret recipes

According to ChouQuette’s instructions, the cicadas need to first be collected, frozen, boiled and oiled before they can be placed in an air fryer. Once the bugs are cooked and cooled, they can be covered in melted chocolate. When the chocolate has hardened, they can then be served like any other chocolate-covered snack – unless of course, you prefer your cicadas in a fondue style.


So the question is would you eat one or pass?  Me I’ll pass and you can enjoy mine

~ Danny

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