Let me start by saying I’m a LOYAL sports fan, in some respects.  For football, I’ve been a Houston Texans fan since the inception of the team.  It hasn’t been a very fruitful journey and at times, it’s been downright painful and disappointing.  I’m a San Francisco Giants fan for baseball, though not a life-long fan.  But for some reason, I’ve been a fan of various basketball teams through the years.

I was born in the Northwest, but I grew up in Houston, Texas.  So through the 90’s I was a HUGE Houston Rockets fan.  During my time in California, I gravitated to the Sacramento Kings and then Golden State Warriors.  There’s a local vibe and buzz about the local teams and I can’t help but be on board with the Blazers, since moving to Portland a few years ago.

We live in a city where hundreds of people relocate to every month.  Not everyone can be a life-long fan of a team and I’m here to say, that’s okay!  It’s okay to amend your team loyalties.  I’m proud to call myself a fan of the Portland Trailblazers.  I’ve heard a lot of negative connotations about being a “bandwagon fan” and I can’t help but question why that’s such a bad thing?  It takes fans of all kinds to support a sports team, so why would we minimize anyone who reps RIP City?

My opinion is, the more the merrier!  This will keep us from going down the route the Seattle Supersonics went as they were sold and moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder…who will now be watching the rest of the playoffs from home.  Don’t be ashamed, jump on the bandwagon!

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