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With all the beauty of fall colors comes ugly moments, Are you ready for Leaf Day

Somedays On my drive in from the Couve, I take surface streets to cut through the clutter and make up some time to get to work. Now that fall is here and we are in November you may have noticed all the leaves that have gathered along the sidewalks, surface streets & rooftops. Well, today is the first official day of Leaf Cleanup with PBOT to help neighborhoods that have an abundance of trees and leaves.

PBOT will be cruising and covering a few neighborhoods each day, seven days a week, through Dec. 20,  In the last two weeks, PBOT mailed more than 30,000 brochures to residents of the 52 leaf districts, reminding them how the service works and providing schedule information.

It’s important for everyone who lives or works in a Leaf District to know how to prepare for Leaf Day:  Be prepared & most important move your car.   I have included a link for you to see all the details on leave day with PBOT HERE

Enjoy this photo I took last week at Lauelhurts park as I passed thru the beauty

~ Danny



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