With No Sports to Call, Joe Buck Offers Play-by-Play of Fans’ Lives at Home

Joe Buck is sooo bored! How bored is he? With no games to call, the famous FOX sportscaster took to calling the “plays” around his own house this past weekend while self-isolating due to the coronavirus.

“Michelle on the left is trying to prepare dinner. Wyatt on the right fighting back a yawn, dressed like…kind of a half-a**ed Fred Flintstone,” Buck said in a Twitter video while commentating on his wife’s dinner discussions with their toddler-aged son. After Wyatt then bopped his mom on the head, Buck declared, “Oh and he’s hit his mom! He has hit his mom! Mom is playing it up, Wyatt is crying! All hell is broken loose inside this house.”

Buck posted the clip after offering to do the same for videos his followers send him of their lives at home. “I’d love to get some practice reps in. Send me videos of what you’re doing at home and I’ll work on my play-by-play. Seriously!” he tweeted–but there’s just one catch. “If your video gets posted, you have to pledge to donate to a cause during this quarantine. Even if it’s a dollar. Send something!”

Buck promised that he’ll start putting out more play-by-play videos this week.

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