I’ll be perfectly honest with you…  we don’t know what to do about Zach Bryan.

He is an Oklahoma-born singer/songwriter who is 25 years old.  He’s already served a full term of service in the Navy, and the only reason I’m talking about him now is because he’s absolutely exploded online with his self-released music.

Now…  here’s the crux.  He’s got a certain sound, and I never like to put a label on music that the artists themselves wouldn’t want on there, but he sounds…  let’s say “less mainstream.”  Several artists fall into this category (Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, and Shooter Jennings are the names you’ve probably heard), and you might describe them as “alt-country,” or “Americana,” or “outlaw country,” and they’re all very popular styles with very large fanbases.

But the dilemma is…  oftentimes these artists define themselves as “outside the mainstream,” and in many cases, they thrive on that.  To be played on 98.7 The Bull might be considered a form of “selling out,” and may not want to be associated with the more “mainstream” artists.  I really know very little about Zach Bryan, except that he is gaining a huge audience online.

Anyway…  here’s the song.  What do you think?

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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