I wouldn’t generally describe myself as pessimistic or optimistic.  I believe most people are good, and that the world is getting better in a lot of ways.

But dammit if we aren’t encroaching on some pretty sacred things this year.  First off was the kids in Salem ruining Christmas displays.   That one really got me, for some reason.  Ruining Christmas was the last straw.

Secondly, a Salvation Army bell-ringer was attacked outside a Fred Meyer in Vancouver over the weekend.  The dude attacked the bell-ringer, and then stole the kettle and took off with it.  Luckily, he didn’t go far, and police were able to respond, find the guy, and run him down.  And even more fortunately, at K-9 officer was able to track down the kettle (which got ditched), so none of the money was lost.

The money is a small thing.  It’s the principle of it.  Salvation Army is an organization dedicated to helping people.  That’s their sole purpose.  To attack them is to attack…  the good guys.  Robbing a bank?  OK, whatever.  It’s a bank.  It’s purpose is to generate profits, and many times they’ve done that in pretty seedy ways.  I’m not going to cry over a bank robber.

This is different.  This is a volunteer person with a big heart being attacked for chump change.  This is evil, and I’m distressed by it.

Will we be better off in 5 years?  Or worse still?  I no longer have any faith in either outcome.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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