Sunday morning was a rough start for a lot of people &  Monday was not much better, and if you are still feeling off you’re not alone.  See pushing the clock ahead one hour isn’t all that great for our health, according to experts.

Studies say shifting the body’s clock puts people at risk for lots of issues, including cardiac events, miscarriages, and even car wrecks. Heart attacks jump 24 percent the Monday following the switch to DST, as well as workplace injuries, which rose 5.7 percent. Why?  Sleep Deprivation people don’t plan ahead and end up losing sleep.

One study found that the change could affect fertility, increasing the chances of having a miscarriage for weeks after the clock change. Same goes for fatal car accidents, which are up for six days after springing forward. So be aware of your surroundings especially in the early morning hours.

Are you a fan of Daylight Saving Time? Should we get rid of it all together

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