If you’ve ever thought, “I can’t meditate, because my brain always keeps thinking!” Mental noting, or thought labeling, might be a helpful type of meditation for you, because it lets your brain think, but then let go of the thought and come back to the present moment, instead of just going all the way down the thought path.

For me, the more I practice this in meditation, the more I am able to do it in real life. Because if your brain is anything like mine, you might relate to the mode my brain can get in a lot – where I’ll get stuck ruminating and my brain just goes into an anxiety spiral and I can’t get out of it… but if I can observe what is happening, and note, “oh there goes my brain again” – it can take myself out of the spiral for a second and look at it more objectively, and maybeee stop the spiral.

And that is what we’re going to practice in today’s meditation. We will be gentle with ourselves as different thoughts pop up, and we’ll just observe them, be aware of them, and then maybe try to release them.

So sit or lay down, relax, and let’s meditate together!

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